Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paris calling

Oui, I am in Paris! And I'm here to stay :D I'll spend the next semester in Paris on an exchange semester from Vienna, and I just came 10 days ago. I still can't realize what is happening but in some misterious way I already feel comfy here, even if I still don't know the city well and don't know the language. I think it has something to do with my wonderful friend Maria, who I'm so happy to be spending time with! I just started learning french half an year ago but the plan is that in the next half year the big progress will come. I am so in love with the atmosphere of this city, so amazing and beautiful! I really really miss my love but there should be no worries about that, because we have a plan :D 


This is from a boat party we went to last week, it was so amazing, the boat went to the Eiffel Tower and came back :D
 Snowy Champs-Élysées

and the elevator in my dorm :)


  1. wow never been to paris, but now I want to go soo bad! great pictures! - xx sini